TF 101 won't charge when plugged into laptops


Jul 22, 2012
Hello. I'm having a charging problem. I bought my ASUS TF 101 about 2months ago in the US and it charged just fine when plugged into the wall. I'm now in South Africa and I have tried plugging it into several different laptops to charge ( as the sockets here are different and US adapters are unavailable at the moment) and the tablet won't charge. What should I do?
It will charge but so slowly it will take a very long time and will not indicate that charging is actually happening. To get a charge you will need to make certain it is turned off and the laptop is on. The USB post on the laptop is outputting 5v DC and for the charge indicator to show anything it needs to be at least 12v DC. The wall charger is 15v DC

Patience ;)
You can't find an adaptor kit? I found one years ago at a airport that works great.