TF101 only connects to unsecured wifi


Dec 31, 2011
just got a Asus Transformer (TF101) tablet. I can only get it to connect to my wireless G router if I disable security settings. My laptop works fine wirelessly when the router is secured. I've reset the router and the tablet many times. Otherwise the tablet just sits there "obtaining IP address...." until it gives up.
What am i missing? It's always something simple that gets over looked.
You didn't mention how you setup the connection and what kind of security information is involved. Some routers come with the EASY SETUP button. I suggest you to use the manual method and enter the security information(encryption type, password, etc.) into the tablet WiFi setup directly.
I have noticed with the TF101 that the WEP security can cause issues. Using WPA is much better (both from the TF perspective as well as security).

WEP is easilly hackable. I had a way to hack it with a program on Linux on a laptop computer a few years ago. Took less than 5 minutes.

Also be sure your password/passkey is entered correctly. Honeycomb (and possibly others) do not seem to error out if the key is entered incorrectly.