WiFI Not Connecting


Jan 5, 2013
Recieved an Adroid tablet MID m9100 for Xmas...it won't connect to the wireless router. First it indicates "obtaining IP address" then indicates "saved" then loops and indicates again "obtaining IP address" and finally indicates "poor connection", but the signal strenght is indicated as "good." I should point out that the Kindle Fire HD that I got for my wife for Xmas connected fine. I've searched the Internet for a fix to no avail, and there doesn't seem to be a help line for Android...wasted hours trying to get this to work...Please help?

-Very frustrated
Welcome to the forum

I have a link for WiFi connection problem below. It should relieve your frustrations. ;)

The first step would be to restart your router. The next step would be to tap that connection and tell it to forget, restart your tablet and try connecting again. There are several possibilities for that problem but those 2 are the most common solutions. It's also possible it didn't see your password correctly but the "forget" trick would solve that.