Too good to be true ? Wits with capacitive screen ?


Dec 1, 2010
I saw this tab, which looks like and has the specs of a wits a81e+

But it is listed as a capacitive screen ?

Is this a typo, it seems to good to be true at ~$200.

Anyone have any experience with this ?

I am just looking for 7" tab that can do google maps navigator with built in GPS, pandora,
should I just stick to resistive a81g ?

just looked at that, looks like an a81-e to me, no cap screen read it and then did ctrl+f then typed capac and nothing registered, perhaps you read it wrong?
Probably a typo when you saw it. It wouldn't be the first time for a vendor to screw up specs.
Alienexpress list capacitive a81e devices... Can anyone confirm its corectness?


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I just ordered Wits A81 with capacitive screen from China, hopefully I'll get it soon. Suppliers from China marketing website are saying that it's a brand new model and just released and they do have it in a stock. There was an option to choose resistive or capacitive screen when placing the order. There is also youtube video available of this.