Enjoying my A91


Mar 4, 2011
Just wanted to post up and say that I am really happy with the A91 I bought just before Christmas. 50% more powerful processor and double the RAM of the A81x. Capacitive screen works great. GPS seems to lock much easier than my previous A81G. Battery life is better than the A81 as well. I took advantage of a weekend sale from Merimobiles that included an 8GB card for $188 shipped. Deal was so good I bought 2 and gave one to my parents for Christmas, and they love theirs as well.

The screen resolution is unbelievable! 1080p baby! And youtube and vimeo video is very smooth.

Market access has not been a problem, unlike what I had experienced with the A81G (documented in another thread here). Nice that this tablet shares the same battery as the A81! I will never be down due to a dead battery again!

Overall a delightful device and a good experience with MeriMobiles. If you are thinking about picking up an A91, go for it with confidence! It is a great tablet!