Top Android Apps To Have From 2010


Sep 21, 2010

The Android Market ended up the year with over 200,000 apps in stock, which means finding that perfect apps is a little harder. No worries, Gizmocrunch has made a new list that gives you the top five most have applications from the Market. The list, unlike most, isn’t completely covered with task switchers like advance task killer, rather it’s got useful applications that even I have installed.

Here is the list:

Similar to the PC version, Dropbox for Android lets you access, upload and share all kinds of files and documents from your Android.

While the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update brings a much needed new keyboard, for the rest of us Swype may be the answer. Instead of having to tap out each letter, Swype lets you slide across them to make words. And every time you lift your finger a new word starts. It's faster to say the least.
AppBrain App Market

While the Android Market does exist, it isn't quite as good at finding and suggesting apps like the AppBrain App Market. Its best feature would be the carefully picked recommended apps. The AppBrain App Market scans your Android device to study what kinds of apps you download and frequently use. It then recommends new apps based on this information every time you log in.
Gentle Alarm

We just had to throw this in because everyone we know who owns an Android phone uses its alarm capabilities, however the preloaded clock app leaves much to be desired. With the Gentle Alarm app, it gradually fades the alarm in, instead of going off abruptly. It also has a clever little CAPTCHA feature which will force you to wake up and fill in the field in order to shut it off, very useful for those mornings when you just can't be late.
Lookout Mobile Security

By far the best app to protect your Android from viruses, malware and similar attacks. Lookout Mobile Security is a pioneer when it comes to Android protection and they were also the first to discover the Android trojan dubbed Geinimi which is the first malware for Android that displays botnet-like capabilities. Get it and stay safe, it's free after all.

List via (Top Android Apps Of 2010: 5 Must-Have Apps)