Trouble with SuperUser & rootchecker on 7022


Jan 2, 2012
I used the Kyros 7022 Root + Recovery video on Youtube. Everything went fine with CWM and I got it installed with no problems. I rebooted, and then went into recovery mode. When I try "Install zip from SDcard" or Apply update, I can't find the SU program anywhere. However, it's on my SDcard when i use ES Explorer.

After numerous attempts to flash SU, I gave up and went onto the sdcard and unzipped the program and installed the apk file. Now SU appears in the Applications list. Not sure if this is properly rooted though. Does anyone know?

I went to google to get Root Checker. I found it and tried downloading it and it said I couldn't because it wasn't compatible with my "phone". I installed the android market and searched for it, and it never appeared. Any help would be greatly appreciate.

1) since I got SU installed (though not by flashing) am i rooted?
2) if I'm not rooted, how do I get CWM to "see" SU during recovery?
3) how can i get root checker on my tablet?

Thanks again!