UK newbie says hello...


Jan 25, 2011
Fantastic site: friendly people and a cornucopia of data, who needs more...

Attracted by the low price, I've bought last year, before going on holiday, a tablet called Lupo (found out later that it is actually an Eken M001) in order to use it as an ebook reader.

I started to get interested in finding any mods that could help my tablet work better so I've learned quite a few things browsing the Net, this forum being a rich source of data.

Still minded to upgrade/mod my M001, I've bought, I quote: Android 2.2 O/S Tablet 8 inch with Freescale iMX515 Cortex 8, from '***************' ... YES, ***************...
Order placed on the 3rd of November, tablet received on 12th of November (missing tablet accesories, wrong A.C adaptor, also instead of 2 MicroSD cards I received usb memory sticks, cheaper by 25 bucks)

The tablet was remarkably faster than the M001, I was quite pleased with it. I've let '***************' know that they've made some mistakes in the dispatch and I was asked to send the wrong bits back and they'll return all the missing and the good bits.
All good, but within two weeks the new tablet developed a fault (unresponsive screen to TOUCH) It would boot to the start-up screen and it was impossible to select any icon, etc.

I emailed immediately '***************' with the news and they asked me to reboot, to reset, etc. things that I've done anyway as well as draining the battery. No joy whatsoever... so it was agreed to send back the tablet to China (done it in the second week of December 2010). Since then after lots of prompting and pushing, I've learned that: the tablet was received, the tablet is checked, the tablet will be replaced with a new one but I have to wait until they re-stock on MicroSD memory (!?)

The last communication received from them happened on the 8th of January and they have not replied to my emails sent after that date. I've noticed that one of 'nowsupplier' representatives is checking on this forum, so maybe, I can get in touch with him and obtain some straight answers and, why not, some help...

So this my lil' foray in the happy world of MIDs and tablets.