Use this tablet as a Spotify media center?


Feb 5, 2011

I have some questions about this tablet:
INS-MIPC01 - Android 7 Inch TFT LCD Touch Screen WiFi MID with 800MHz CPU 256MB DDR -
Does anyone know what model it can be?
They dont spec the Android version. Will i be able to uppgrade?
I would like to root it if it is posible.

My ide is to connect the tablet to my stereo and use it as an Spotify mediacenter. Is this a good ide? Is the sound ok from the headphone port ore am i throwing my money away?.

Thankful for all feedback i can get...

VIA based tablet. It has extremely poor video support. Specs are full of mistakes on that webpage. Avoid both the product and the buyer, and get something that is locally available.