Velocity Cruz Tablet


May 11, 2011
:cool: Do you have any tips or tricks for downloading from the Android Freeware site? Every app I've tried to get from there says it's not compatible with my device. I have a T103. Also, does anyone know of an Android 2.3 emulator app so that we can download newer apps for our tablets? Thanks!


Jul 17, 2011
I have a Cruz tablet T104. The problem I have is not being able to read a book offline. ie where there is no wifi. My cruz came with borders, now kobo, reading app. Its fine if I turn wifi on at least initially. I can them open the app and get a book. But once I power down my cruz and restart it, I cannot go directly to the borders/kobo app and open a book with once again starting wifi. How do you read on an airplane for example if there is no wifi? Kind of makes the table useless for me since I bought it so I could read when traveling and not carry a bunch of books around.

Does this happen with your cruz tablets? I sent it in to velocity for repair, but they said it was fine. Its the app that requires WIFI.

Anybody know if Aldiko or WordPlayer or other app would allow me to read offline without starting wifi?