Videos appeared Choppy when transferred from Kies to Galaxy Tab


Sep 14, 2011
Hi... I realised that that, whenever I transferred any videos from KIES to the Galaxy Tab, I experienced some problems....

1) Videos directory was found in "DCIM - PHOTOS" folder, instead of "MOVIES" folder on my Galaxy Tab... And I had to manually transfer the video file back to "MOVIES" folder on my Tab.

2) Videos all appeared very choppy or lag, or pixelated, when played on various kind of media player available.

At first, I thought the problem lies with the format of my videos... But later did I realise, when I transferred the videos to my Galaxy Tab using the Tab as a MASS STORAGE, it works! All my videos appeared well on any kind of media player in my Tab!!

Anybody has the same issue as me? Any solutions to KIES?