ViewSonic GTab being pulled from Staples shelves

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Nov 26, 2010
It appears that there is a "manufacturing defect" in ViewSonic's GTab, and Staples is pulling the brand from it's shelves effective immediately. Currently there is no indication that Staples will in fact bring the brand back.

It also appears that Google is suggesting to manufactures to NOT create tablets with Android 2.2 because of "interface issues".


This is a big time bummer to see, and wonder how many other tablets on the market will be effective.
Newbie here. Went in to Office Depot today to look at this. Was thinking of buying one and maybe changing it to tnt lite per all of the reviews i had seen on it but just couldn't pull the trigger for some reason. Maybe this is why I just couldn't do it. One thing I know really turned me off was the pitiful software on it. Made me think if they didn't mind putting this out with that software on it, what other things might not be really ready on it?

I bought a 10" gTab from Sears on the 14th, put TnT on it. It works intermittantly, Flash crashes the browser every time. I'm taking it back and getting the Malata Zpad T2 Tegra2 w/3g & GPS as soon as they're available in January. I already placed my request.
I am right now re-flashing my gTab with VEGAn b3 to see if that improves it at all. Really disappointed so far, great hardware but such crappy software.
works for me too, but still not fully in love with it. Feels unresponsive, especially in the upper left corner of the tab.
Viewsonic is stating there is no hardware defect and is investigating Staples reason for pulling (according to their twitter). Viewsonic also just released an update for the tab on the 19th...

The xda devs are already incorporating the just released update into their ROMs. Viewsonic even gave a "thank you" to xda for their support.

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