W6HD new owner


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Jan 30, 2012
New to the world of tablets. Just got the Ramos W6HD delivered in less than a week! I went for this one obviously for the price and the up-to-date spec. I had this idea that I might finally get rid of the huge desk and PC in the corner of the room. Early impressions not favourable, though. Web pages can take a while to load and often require a couple of attempts. Never having used a tablet before I have nothing to compare to other than my desktop. YouTube vids play fine without any additional plug-ins. Demo videos look awesome on the 1024x600 screen. I haven't been able to tether with my phone yet but, because it sees it, is most likely something I am not doing right. Devours the battery but again I have yet to tweak any settings yet. As usual in computer world I wonder if technology doesn't quite back up the ideas at the moment.


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Mar 24, 2011
Welcome Drawman and congratulations on the new tablet. Glad you decided to join us and become a member of the forum. You must know someone in China, that one week delivery is way better than most people have seen. As you probably know, we've had a Ramos forum waiting for your arrival since we learned you were coming.:eek: If you use the forum search box, in the upper right of any forum page just under "Settings", you'll find lots of discussions on the things you mentioned in your intro. The highlights are: Tablets will replace desktops/laptops, but not quite yet. Lowering the brightness of your screen is very important for increasing battery life. Lots of tethering discussions going on. I think as technology begins to catch up, people will get more new ideas to keep driving it on.:rolleyes: Enjoy the forum and that new tablet of yours.:cool: