Weird Google Market behaviour


Jan 12, 2011
My setup is Archos 70 / 250GB, latest 2.0.71 firmware reinstalled from scratch, Google Market fix from gAppsInstaller - Froyo - xda-developers.
1. Before I reinstalled (running Android 2.2.1 upgraded from 2.1 and same market fix) I could find Google Maps and Google Voicesearch in the market. Now I can't anymore .... Can find lots of other apps, but not these two.
2. I installed Angry Birds. Sometimes, the shortcut is not there however on the "applications tab". If I then open the Market app and list my installed applications, it also does not show. If I search for it, I can find it marked "installed". Later (in the same session or after a reboot) the shortcut will re-appear! Also the Market will show it then in the list of installed applications .... This has happened several times.

Does anybody recognize these problems? I appreciate your suggestions on how to solve this.
I cant help with your market issue but i expereinced something simlar with angry birds, i even reinstalled it a few times. what i found is that it was a time issue. angry birds took a long time to load the app shortcut. at 1st i just waited longer for the app shortcut to load but now i have switched to zeam launcher and the app shortcut loads almost straight away