How to install Adobe Flash Player on Archos Tablets ????


Dec 27, 2010
Hey guys i installed Google Market place on my Archos 70 IT and if i search for flash player it does not show up........Also in Appslib it doesn't show up as well so i installed a version from the internet, but is very slow and sluggish almost not worth using because how it skips frames like crazy. I notice that my Droid X has a later version of Flash so perhaps i need a better later version.

How are you guys installing Adobe flash player on your Archos tablets?

FYI i'm running 2.2.1 (Froyo).
So it shows up in the market now. I must of applied the market fix incorrect.

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Read your post and since I just got my A70 a couple days ago I haven't got around to flash yet. Just downloaded it from Market (Flash v10.1) and it works fine.
I should add- I already did the 2.1--2.2 update and gappsinstaller stuff as per the directions on this page.
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Yeah its working fine for me as well now, i must of screw something up originally.
The flash player can be instaled in archos 101 ? already updated with 2.2
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Don't forget there is also a FULL-Market fix, too.
Try searching for Copilot, Titanium Backup, or even any of the Home Replacements, like ADW Launcher or Launcherpro, nothing appears.
Here's a fix:

Go to your Application settings > Manage Applications > Running Tab
Find Market > Force Stop then Clear Cache (Do NOT press clear data)
Find Google Services > Clear Data then Force Stop
If you try to run Market now you will get a data connection error.

Now you will see EVERYTHING on the market.
To test, do a search for Copilot, ADW Launcher, Launcherpro or Titanium Backup.

If you can't figure it out there's a Youtube video describing it, too.
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