Well, I buggered up my Wiipad Slim Plus


Nov 1, 2010
To make a long story short...I applied the Eris Market Fix to my tablet in hopes of being able to see the Android Market apps that I can longer find since actually repairing the Market using this guide (which worked!) http://augendev.wikispaces.com/Market+Fix

So, after I ran this Eris app, which seemed to hang, I rebooted my tablet and now my screen seems to have gained in resolution ;) but everything opens in a tiny window about half the size of my actual screen :(
Also, it seems to run much more slowly now :mad:

I have tried a doing a factory reset twice but this has not cleared up the issue, only cleared all my data and apps etc.

My tablet is rooted.

I am really not sure what to do next. I know it will involve flashing the ROM and I am OK with that, but I am not sure where to obtain a proper ROM image.
On the plus side I do have a 2nd one of these which is not rooted and am wondering if the ROM from that one can be a donor for this one?

Any thoughts? Or better yet, directions?


I got the tablet straightened out last night using the #133 ROM from Haipad (The numbers and specs were the same for this ROM as the one shipped on the Wiipad) and followed the directions in this guide http://www.androidtablets.net/forum...awill-g10-wiipad-slim-plus-haipad-m701-8.html
Everything seems to be back to normal now, actually better, the tablet seems to be more responsive with the Haipad ROM, and I no longer have the 'I Love You' screen, instead have the nicer looking Haipad one.
Market worked for about 10 minutes before stopping, but was able to download the important things.
Oh, and I was able to change the MAC address while flashing the ROM using FWDN, which solved another problem!
Tablet is no longer rooted, so I get to start that process again and then the serial number change for Market again. I will stay away from the Eris Market Fix, any idea why that screwed things up so much? Guess it made the tablet think it had a cellphone screen.
Thanks for reading.
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