My Very 1st Tablet M701/tcc8902


Feb 11, 2011
So i just got it like 30 mins ago and all i want to do is start hooking it up with goodies. I been looking around the forums for the past week trying to find information. There is a bunch of information out there for this tablet but is scatter all over the place and the different variations can get a little confusing.

I have a HTC Droid Eris which i rooted using the ADB but this was just following directions, so i am familiar with what is involved but non of the actual creations of the commands.

The other factor in my confusion is that some key things are in Chinese and translators don't change it :confused:.

My questions are:
How do i root it? (i saw the 1st post on that easy way of rooting, i just want to make sure cover all my bases before i break it.)

Where can i find some stable roms with at least flash lite.?

and final questions how can i fix it if i screw it up and what files should i have before i start poking around?
I am great at following instructions but at all of this hacking and programing not so go lol.

Don't i need root access to be able to flash that recovery?
No you dont need root for that,
but you need ADB on your PC '^^

Its best to just lean back and take some time to get to know your device.
Probably you have 4GB version?
if so you will probably need firmware that have the 'HY' in their name but you should not flash unless something does not work.
(flash is something that is not in official firmware and besides a 'work in progres' android 2.2 port i do not know of any cooked roms for the m701 =(
Yeah i have the 4gb version, i was not 100% sure if that was the HY version. I want the tablet to at least do what my Droid Eris does.
Most things should be possible according to the processor specs
but telechips seems to have 'not sooo' good android support (openGL seems to be buggy so angry birds looses many surface graphics, power management seems bad and so on)
Just try and see where you get ^^
i can't seem to find the correct driver for this tablet. do you know where i can get it? i use window7 32bit and when i am slacking off at work XP lol.
Some excellent information here, I hope to check back if/when my tablet arrives. m701 2Gb version.