What Android Tablet can do? need some expert over here!!


Sep 23, 2010
Ok, here is the question. im going to make it simple. and sorry about my english

I understand what basically android can do. but before im buying one, i need some answer..

Q : What the Different between OS 1.5, 1,6 1,7 and 2.2 ?

Q : Ok, some tablet android have camera. What for? Webcam chat?

Q : Internal memory 2GB. Is it enough? i mean, just like any platform, we used Internal memory to extract some application before it install application to tablet it self. So, some android tablet only have 256MB internal memory. My question is. Will the 3rd party application installed on Internal memory or External memory? coz if installed in internal memory than i need bigger memory

Q : i see some feature on Telechip processor allowed us to use 3D accelerator. What application using it? game only or its also has benefit for reading PDF...

Q: in China website, i saw Dual processor ? what is that?

Thank you in advance. your answer will help me to decide me buying new Tablet.