What Is The Best Tablet For Me?


Mar 9, 2013
I know threads like this one must be really irritating but I have no idea which tablet to get, I just know that I hate the Ipad. So I will try to say what I am looking for to give you guys an idea:

-I have a budget of €300 ( yes, euros, I live in France :) )
-I first thought of buying a Kindle to read and got more interested in tablets in general, so reading would be a priority.
-I really like to listen to music, I do it all the time to say the truth.
-I want to be able to play games but a bigger screen is not necessarily more appealing to me, I have a 3DS and I am happy with the size of the screen already.
-I also want to be able to do work with it. I don't mean like, big, complicated presentations or anything but I should be easy to jot down things,view documents and even make some simple word/powerpoint like documents.
- I also travel a lot so it shouldn't be too heavy.
- While streaming films is not a priority, it'd be nice to be able to watch a movie whithout thinking it is too small.
- Surfing should be easy too.
- 32gb would be the ideal, or it could have less but with an usb port.

Maybe I am asking for a lot so sorry in advance! I really like the Nexus 7 but I am not really sure about the size.


Edit: Oh, and I heard there is a chance Google will announce a new Nexus 7 at the Q1. If they do, do you think it will be released before the middle of July? ( I will be moving to a country where electronics are realy expensive.
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Thanks "TechBalloon365" for sharing detail explanation about tablet. One of my friends wants to buy new tablet, and this will help her a lot for getting basic ideas about it.
Awesome guide TechBalloon, If you get chance I would pop into a shop and have a play yourself too, certain tablets to me feel ugly and wrong, whereas others fit perfectly in my hands, this is all preference so I'd recommend playing with a few before you invest? Nexus 7 is an awesome tablet. Where I work we are using ASUS Transformer pad TF300T, they're really light and have a detachable keyboard which makes working on them really easy. Here are a list of the specifications Asus Transformer Pad TF300T - Full phone specifications It has GPS but not 3G, and will cost around 290Euros.
I am glad i joined this forum, here is lot of good information. I have Panasonic FZ A1 brought it online. The FZ-A1 is the only tablet that is FIPS 140-2-compliant with a dedicated security core for data encryption and includes pre-installed drivers for approved smart card readers. Even Panasonic also Upgraded its ruuged tough-book H2 tablet, installed with windows 7 but I thinks expensive. It cost around $3,349.
The Rugged Toughbook H2 Tablet: Panasonic Updates The Rugged Toughbook H2 Tablet | Ubergizmo