what taplet can i use for reading pdf files freely


Jan 21, 2011
i have spent a lot of hours searching for a portable device for reading pdf books and files
i have found many but most e book readers have a defect ( in my opinion)
as they only allow pdf with (DRM) which means i wont be able to read many of my pdf documents and books and magazines i have on my home PC
i woner also if this reader or tablet read ppt chm pdb documents
I wonder if there is any Android tablet or any other tablet which can help
and i mean i need device based on something like a windows adobe reader which allows me to read all my pdf files and other file without restrictions
I am in bad need of such a device to make use of books i have on my pc
as it is too difficult to read and study from without crushing my eyes
Works fine on Huawei S7. I use Dropbox to auto sync all my documents via the net. I installed the free adobe reader. All works amazingly well.

Sent from my Ideos S7
is Huawei S7 better or

in viewing pdf files and other documents
as my own medical pdf books are in the large ( 50 to 200 mega ) all are in the range of hundreds of pages and full of pictures and diagram
i wonder if any one of them can work well with that large files
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Huawei S7. But they are completely different types of devices...
My Archos has no problems at all. I have Adobe Reader, I've also purchased Documents to Go for PDF's, DOC's, XLS, and PPT as well.
Both view PDF's quite well.
As for Large files, I will test it out, I might load a tech manual on board my ship, approx 350 pages in PDF form, and I can see if Adobe reader loads it well.

It should, as PDF readers generally only "load" the actual page that you're looking at (sometimes it's 2 pages, depending on how many you have on your screen).