what kind of tabled should I look for? Hardcore PDF reading


Aug 25, 2010
Hello. I am about to start a philosophy degree. I am already becoming a hardcore PDF user. I would love to be able to read pdfs on the go and on bed and sofa. I have a sony reader 505 but needless to say it is useless for pdf reading.

I need the tablet to be able to fast skimming, highligh important text, taking notes etc.
Thanks in andvance.
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Aug 6, 2010
OK first question, Obvious. = How much are you wanting to spend.
The price of the low-end tablets ($100-150) can easily meet your need. These are mostly based on the VIA 8505 chipset. The way you will know easily is they have a plastic shell and a rectangular mini-dock with the USB ports.

The down side can be the battery life. I have been able to stretch 5 hours of continuous use by turning everything but my display off to read. There are three different PDF readers which are common. I use the default PDF reader that can easily be found and is free for reading even Acrobat 9 created PDFs.
Where the issue can be annoying is the slide up and over if you want to want to zoom in. But you are fine for every day reading.
I replaced my other e-reader and now use my Tablet for all my electronic books. I use iReader, PDF reader and PBReaderJ. I also have used the PDF to go option for PDFs as well. It is a priced product but perfect if you want to read Docs, PPTs and XLS files.

Documents to Go -PDF to go will allow notation, and easy searching. I have not attempted highlighting. I HATE highlighters in in real books too though.

Adobe does offer a reader for Android, but you will need Android 2.1 or higher. I do not know of any low end tablets (less than $150US) which are using 2.1 yet. Others may know and point you in the right direction. The low end units will all be Android 1.5 or 1.6. My reading does indicate that reader provides for the features you want. Look in some of the other sections. You will find the unit you want. But, expect to pay a bit more for more features
NOTE: I am focusing on your PDF need. The low-end can be a great browser and MP3/MP4 viewer.

Best of Luck


Aug 25, 2010
I still don't know how much money I will be able to spend. It depends on how much help can I get. I think I would like at least android 2.1. But what I really want is a good quality screen. Once I had an iMac, the flat white ones, it had the best screen I have ever had. You could look it from any angle and it still looked good. My dell studio 15 has a decent screen too. I want the tablet to be readable from any reasonable angle.

I want to be able of fast scrolling and a responsive screen. I have seen videos of people using the archos 7 and I woudnt like to use that for more than 5 minutes.

I want a screen that looks good either way portrait and landscape. You know, when I turn my laptop on its side the screen get a weird shine that makes reading inconfortable.

Also I would really like to have a 4:3 format which is way better for reading. In portrait orientation the screen is wider so it fits big books better without rescalling too much. AND if you need a wider screen with a 4:3 you can use it in landscape mode and it does not look too short. 16:9 screens, in landscape mode are IMO pointless.

HD movie watching on the go is a marginal use (comparing reading) and should never drive hardware design. Apple knows it. Sadly the competition still dont get it.

To be honest,da if I still was a windows user i would probably try to buy an iPad, even if it is above what I can afford. But about a month ago I installed ubuntu on my dell laptop and I feel really happy with it. Without antivirus, trojans, comercial software, trial versions, and marketing following me everywhere I go.

Apple does not support linux and the iPads dont go well with ubuntu. So android is the way to go.
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Aug 4, 2010
You can pickup right now a MID for $99 bucks off FocalPoint site. 7" Widescreen 2GB Internet Tablet w/ Google Android I think one of other super mods have this model. Hopefully he can chime in and say some word on this. Kindle and the other app for reading it works just find. I also use these tablets for WMNA wireless mobile network analyzer for LAN. Works great. Of course I could use a netbook which I do use, but tablet is easier to work with. iPAD me won't work I am Windows API Programmer since 3.1 was release prior to that was IBM DOS, MS DOS. I've worked with Linux and UNIX and some MAC OS to make the client happy. :)


Aug 17, 2011
I am new to this forum and am so looking forward to purchasing a new e-reader/tablet with Android.
It seems like the features being offered everyday increase and just get better.
I was happy to read about the lift of the ban on Samsung.

My personal preference for my new reader is as follows:
Mostly for travel so I would also like the ability to be able to use skype and email.
lastest version of Android.
expandable memory via SDHD
WIFI or 3G
Front and rear facing cameras
Ear phone and microphone Jacks

My question ...is there anything that is more important or that I may have left out?
Any suggestions about Model/make
I will be travelling in Spain in a few weeks (Madrid, Tenerfie, Barcelona).. can anyone suggest a good place to purchase?

now I will return to continue reading the forum entries.
thanks, Lenabun