What's On Your Tablet? What Apps Do You Like? What Apps Do You Hate?


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Sep 24, 2010
I thought it might be interesting to find out how people are using their tablets, what apps they like, what they don't. I will post my quick list here of what I have found out so far:

Pulse - Great News Reader app. Reformats the feed so that it is nicer to look at, and i think this works especially well on the larger screen

Angry Birds - Ok, I know. But it totally rocks on the 7" screen!

Kindle - Yep, I go to bed every night with this as my eReader

Evernote - Especially since the update.

There are a lot of Beta apps that seem to work on my phone but don't like the tablet format, since they are beta I am NOT going to list them here until they get a full release. However, there are some apps that just are horrible on the Tablet in my opinion....

Facebook - the android app is awful, laggy, limited in function. Take advantage of the screen real estate and just run the full client version in the browser.

Dolphin - Maybe it is just me, but I didn't get what was so great about it on my phone, and find it even worse on the Tablet.

Please chime in and share what you really like and don't like...


Nov 11, 2010
A couple of games I have been playing are Air Control (like iPhone Flight Control) and Reckless Racing! I also have Colornotes Notepad, The Weather Channel, and Google Maps installed.


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Nov 4, 2010
Android Task Manager - for obvious reasons - kill tasks i am done using
Lookator - augmented reality wifi detector
Gesture Search - let's you draw letters and helps find apps, contacts, on your tablet
Wi-Fi Ruler - wifi manager tat theoretically let's you automatically connect to wifi after you've previously established connection -example visiting a cafe, it recognizes it, and autmoatically connects you - so far it's batting 70% only
RockPlayer universal - plays a variety of video and audio formats
appBrain and SAM - market alternatives
Fast Reboot - basically reboots without powering off
Dolphin Browser - i just love the tabs and gesture navigation mode

i would love to have Grafitti for Android - but can't seem to install it on my Haipad 701


Oct 2, 2010
Totally agree on the Facebook app. What a useless piece of junk. Kindle and Angry Birds are must-haves, just like Jewels or any other decent Bejeweled-clone.

I like QuickOffice for editing both local files and Google Docs.

As an amateur musician, I find Virtual Recorder, gStrings and Solo Lite very useful for ad hoc songwriting and band practice. Also, Virtual Recorder has a cool interface.

Android State will show you anything going on under the hood, including which sneaky little apps are sending and receiving data in the background. I uninstalled a few apps when I saw how much traffic they were generating for no good reason.

Finally of course, there's Pong. I don't even spend much time playing it, but any video game that's older than me deserves to be on my tablet.


Oct 24, 2010
i like act 1 for playing video files..raging thunder for games..can get angry birds to work..i can down load it then it wont install..where did others get it and is it working? was it the free version... Haipad 7001 has google market.. it downloads fine.. but doesn't run..


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Jul 9, 2010
You should list your device when replying for apps that might not work on other devices...

For all my Android devices...

Dolphin Classic is good for me because I like the tabbed browsing. The gestures allow for zooming without the use of multitouch. Been using it since single touch G1 and never switched back .
Swiftkey is my favorite Android keyboard app. I stick with it everywhere I go.
ES File Manager is my file manager of choice
iReader for reading txt
Repligo loads PDFs quickly
Gesture search is a little on the resource heavy side. I learned that you can achieve the same functionality with the built-in search. On devices without a search button, it's just Menu at the Home screen, and hit Search. Entering the first few letters in App search mode is how I launch my apps. I have too many to keep track of otherwise. I used to have a G1, so I've been pretty cautious about this.
Jorte is my Google Calendar substitute of choice. Has a wealth of widgets that are crucial to my daily function.

For the TCC8902, get mVideoPlayer. It allows mkv playback and even subtitles. Awesome looking interface to boot.


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Nov 4, 2010
gotta add my new fave -an iTunes like pc application that lets you sync easily with your tablet - doubleTwist


Nov 17, 2010
Gotta make a selfish plug my own app "Wall Ballz" Everybody talks about angry birds so I'll bite and try it out.

But I've found the Wall Street Journal very nice
Fox News App
Little disappointed that the NFL app is not working on my tablet -- They show it in the Samsung commercials ???


Dec 29, 2010
i love all your choices there but my favrite android app is eBuddy i like gTalk and its perfect for it even with facebook


Jun 23, 2010
I have an Archos 10.1 and a HTC Desire phone.

I don't recall what I don't like! Sorry, I uninstall and move on.

I have to agree the facebook app is not great. I use the browser and the full version sometimes. But, for a quick update, I like the app. It works most of the time, and I don't consider facebook somethign that has to work all the time.

What I like not in any particular order ...

My favorite keyboard so far is AnySoft.

Thinking Space - Mind Mapping tool I use like a note book and to do list. Normal note tools only allow one layer of "folders". This allows me to have notes with topics under more than one "folder".

Note Everything - I use this becuase it has good encryption and nice folder based notes. I use the Pro version.

Wizard Memo - automatic date and time stamp note taker that looks and feels just like a notebook. Turn pages to look at your notes. I use it in meetings and then copy stuff to something else later. But I keep the note to tell me later when that happened and when.

OI Shopping List - My favorite "to-do" tool. It has multiple subjects, and easy to add and delete things in a list. I use it on my phone mostly.

Sattellite AR is cool for finding things man made in the sky.

I am a homebrewer, so I have BJCPDroid and Brewzor Pro and Brewzor calculator. If you don't make beer, these will not mean anything to you. ;-)

Astro File Manager - nice interface, and has network capabilities.

AndroExplorer - I am currently evaluating it to replace Astro File Manager. It is "prettier". :) Not sure if it has all the same functionality yet.

Task Manager - Yeah, there are a lot of them, I use RHMSoft's. I like the widget that has one click kill all functionality.

WiFi Analyzer - the best wifi mapping tool out there. It tells you who near you has the same channel in a view that makes sense.

WiFiFoFum - OK, I am a networking geek. Over kill for most people, but I also use the desktop version.

Network Mapper - This one scans the WiFi and tells you all the other devices that are talking. Nice way to look and see who else is on your wifi without logging into the router.

Tricorder - Did I mention that I am a networking geek? ;-) This is a cool StarTrek app that tells you stupid useless things. The solar activity is a network lookup making it real so that is kind of cool. The others are just using the internal sensor for movement (gravity), compass (magnetic), GPS (geographical), and wifi/cell signal strength for ElectroMagnetic sensors. They are telling you something, but not much that you can't get elsewhere. If you like StarTrek, it's a must have!

Pandora - Mostly on my cell. I use it while driving instead of a radio or CD's.

The Mint - If you like to know all your banking and such information in one nice portal, this is the app. I use the deesktop app to set it up.

Shazam - If ONLY IT WOULD WORK! :-( Love it on my phone. On my tablet, it won't run the setup. I have an open call with tech support. So far they've told me to uninstall and reinstall. Like I didn't try that first! Grrr. It tells you what the name and artist is of a song being played via the microphone.

IMDb - Tells you what's showing in theaters near you. Also is a nice database of all movies. I use the desktop of this also for looking up who was in a movie.

Dilbert CV - If you have a favorite cartoon strip, find the "CV" version of it. Very well designed and stable feed app.

Movie Collection - I entered in all of my DVD's using the barcode scanner app. About 90% were recognized. I can back it up and then restore it on my tablet or my phone to keep them in sync. Nice to have my DVD collection handy if someone asks if they can borrow a movie.

Barcode Scanner - The one everyone should have! Doesn't work very well on the Archos tablet. The camera sucks, which i knew ahead of time. I use it a lot on my phone though.

Apps Organizer - On my phone, not the tablet. There is plenty of space for icons on the tablet! But on my phone, this is a nice icon organizer.

Calander Pad - It has plenty of faults, but is still the best calendar widget I have found. It hangs a lot. The view is the best though.

CraigsList Checker - Nice tool for finding stuff you don't need. ;-)

Rock Player Universal - has the most built in codecs of any player. The thing that frustrated me is it makes me pick hardware versus software encoding or setting it all for one. Sometimes one works, and other times the other works. Mostly I use it in software mode since those are the videos that the built in player won't play. I wish I could set it per video type in the settings.

Bubble - dumb stupid bubble level. Simple and easy to use.

Call Meter NG - only on my phone. Nice tool to track usage. You can tell it when your billing month starts and ends.

Network Monitor - just for my phone too. It shows graphical image of current network usage and keeps a running total of bits sent. I compare this to my bill each month.

Antenna Widget - Nice widget that summerizes what kind of cell connection you have.

I use the "folders" in the add listing a lot too. I find that folders like All People, and the one that The Mint adds are very handy. I also add direct links to the home screens for notes from Note Everything that I open a lot. Pandora has a folder with all the stations in it for a quick selection.


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Jan 18, 2017
My tablet came pre-loaded with apps from Google Play. Right now, my favorite is Play Newsstand.

Though a large portion of articles are political, there are enough non-political articles to keep me occupied. Since the articles are frequently updated or replaced, I've begun using the apps' Read Later feature which let's me select the articles I'm interested in off the front page and add them to a list to be read later - this list remains intact even though the original article(s) may have been removed from the front page.

Makes for good reading at breakfast.


Another favorite app is ColorNote. I use this to compose posts such as this one and paste them into reply windows. Saves lots of time editing out all the typos in real time.


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Feb 14, 2017
My favorite:
Feedly: RSS reading
Kindle: reading
Spotify: music
Reddit: for fun
AirDroid: file transfer without cable