Whats the best tablet for reading PDF's?


Oct 2, 2011
I know this has been asked before, but I am seriously looking for a low cost tablet option that meets the following requirements.

Must haves:
9-10" colour screen [could accept a smaller screen if its cheap enough]
WiFi / Web browsing
Can read PDF files (any type of PDF including PDF's that just contain scanned images of pages of text, I have hundreds of reference material PDF's; some only a couple MB some really huge 60-80 MB; all from different sources)
SD Card or similar storage expansion.
USB port(s)

Camera/Mic is optional (but would be nice for Skype), don't need 3G or anything else that I can think of. Rootable I guess, if that's required, don't really know what that is (like iPhone jailbreak I guess?)
A feature comparison chart of available Android tablets would be cool. Does Androidtablets.net have such a thing?
So far I am looking at the Archos 10.1, any other suggestions?
Anyway, I don't care about brand name, just something functional with an acceptable battery life.

Thanks in advance
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bump, still looking for budget tablets that meet these requirements, or anyones personal experiences with the Archos tablets.