What is the best pick among tablets for now for reading books?

If you do go Android, I very strongly suggest you wait a bit. The up-and coming tabs will have extremely powerful CPU's, likely better screens, and still be around the same price.

Take the Transformer 2; it will probably be the first tablet to have the Tegra 3 Quad-Core CPU. A mnajor thing to point out that the Eee Pad was only ASUS first foray into the modern portable tablet market. The second will have quite abit bit more posh and polish, since they gained lessons from real-world customer feedback and actually building and learning about one tablet's strength's and weaknesses. It's supposedly slated for September or October, so quite soon!
The problem with waiting for the next best thing is lack of software. A lot of people I know are still frustrated at the lack of apps for their Honeycomb tablets, and my 7" Galaxy Tab is still more stable, runs more apps and is just more useful than the currently available Honeycomb tablets. It doesn't hurt that I like the 7" form factor either, but my point is if you need/want a tablet then do some research and buy one, as soon as the quadcore tablets hit their will be rumours once again of the new next best thing anyway.

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Since Honeycomb 3.2 - lack of apps really isn't an issue on the transformer as it will run pretty much most of the apps out there and you can now choose to stretch or tile the app in the middle instead.

I have managed to get every app I want and use on my phone onto the transformer and really haven't found an issue yet in regards to missing apps. A couple of games haven't played, but I have found that they tend to get updated pretty quickly once sending in the error message.
I know the Asus is awesome, but what I was thinking is why not grab one now instead of wsiting for the next best thing, then waiting for updates to fix compatibility issues etc. The Asus, as an example, is available now so why wait for the possibility of an eventual improvement in functionality?

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