Whats the difference between all these different types of Tablets ?


Jan 11, 2011
Whats the difference between all the different types of tables out there ?

I see 7 inch tablets that go by the names of APAD, EPED, IPED, iRobot etc etc .

I have a 7 inch that runs on Android 1.7 which I bought from Electronic Dealz .
Chip is VIA VT8505 ARM926 400-450MHz and it has 256MB memory. Works great for surfing the web, chat etc. Watch youtube and other vids too.

I also bought a 10.2 inch from ElectronicDealz. That is more upgraded with Android 2.1 and has better screen quality runs faster and is great for watching high def videos.

I notice there are bunch of other tablets out there with varying prices. What is the difference between them ? They all seem to be 256 MB memory and Android 1.6, 1.7 or 2.1/2.2. What else is different ? the chips in them ? Are certain chips better than others - rockport, VIA etc

What generally should one look for when buying a tablet ? What specs etc ?
Don't hold your breath on a reply. I have the same unit you do. The 7" VT8505. I've asked and asked for help. I've tried ever rom out there and nothing unless I use my usb mouse. These forums are very unorganized and it's hard to believe nobody has setup a step by step for the different units.
There has been a lot of these VIA variants shipping. By a lot, I mean dozens of them. A lot of the time, they have identical externals but different internals, making it truly a nightmare to identify. I vowed to not buy one of these for myself, and I always recommend against buying these tablets despite how inexpensive they are.

In the land of generic tablets, names don't mean a thing.

If you have any ideas about how to organize the forums, please contribute.

The Infotmic 10" tablets aren't too bad for the money.
About organizing the forums: I am also a noob. Would it be possible to have a section called "noob basics" and include step by step instructions for the really basic stuff that all noobs struggle with? A thread on file transfer from a PC to tablet, A simple to understand general description of how these things manage memory, What the heck rooting is, how to install apps, ect.....
I know that there are tons of differant variations on tablets but I'll bet a section like that could still be made.