Where are the files located?


Dec 27, 2010
My hubby and I bought two White Novels at Kohls yesterday. He has been setting his up, but mine is still in the box.

In observing his set up and the update, I was wondering where you find the information on what Android OS system is in operation after the upgrade. Is it 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, or 2.2? Where do I locate the system info on this thing? Where are the files, how do I get to Astro?

Thanks. Also, is there any way to get flash and view youtubes without doing a root procedure and voiding your warranty? if I change the internal storage chip to 32g, do I void the warranty?
from the home screen


Try installing Skyfire browser and you should be able to see video and youtube.
There is a youtube app that plays youtube, but the browsers don't or don't do well as a rule. I think the youtube app converts the files to some method it can display.

Not sure what you meant about where are the files - google for free .apk and you should find all sorts of apps. If you mean where in the memory they are at system/apps
There's Settings on the homepage but no "About"

I cannot find system/apps on this e-reader. It is just not there. Guess I'll have to call Pandigital Tech Support.
In explorer on the left there is a / which will send you up to the system folders.
I'm missing something. There is no explorer on this stock white pandigital. I'm totally lost. So weird that I cannot even get to files. I tried to download a couple things from slideme as a test. It appeared to download, but then when I double-clicked on the download nothing happened. It would not install. I have no idea where these downloaded files are now.
If you are using the unit out of the box there is no explorer and I do not know if or how you would install anything on it. Sorry, I thought you had one of the other firmwares for some reason - my bad.

I would hope that Pandigital will release a firmware that would allow adding programs. The open platform allows for this. It comes with esexplorer I think it is called.

Sorry to have added to your frustration :-(
Check out slatedroid.com. They have a huge forum for the pandigital novel and will get you going.
Thanks, guys. Sorry, I wasn't clear that our novels weren't rooted.

Regarding the open platform option, I've been reading that if you install it, you will void your warranty and also it seems to disable the e-reader system on this tablet.
Yes, it eliminates the stock reader stuff. As to the warranty, I think they mean that they will not give you phone support with the system, but that hardware warranty would be covered. That is my and many other folks take. If you are concerned phone them.

There is one draw back to the open platform as well as some of the other modifications - the pandigital likes to wake up on its own now and then. Example mine has been awake in the morning the last two days (good little boy getting out of bed on time :) yet the previous month it had never come to life on its own.

There are some modifications that allow you to run the standard reader program as well. You would have to look through all the mods and select the one that fits you best. SlateDroid.com is the place for that, read the wiki and you will find what is available.

I'm thinking Pandigital may come out with a firmware that fixes some of the difficulties but who knows if that will come to pass.

There are also other reader softwares that work on the open platform, ireader, nook, kindle and others if you don't want to mess with the stock software.
With open platform roms you can then install the nook apk with some clearing of old info and you will have a B&N reader back on it. Check out slatedroid. Lots of idiot's guides to hacking the pdn. Aldiko is my favorite reader. E-Reader for fictionwise also works.