Which ClockworkMod image to install for M701 ?


Jan 2, 2011

I was looking to install Clockworkmod Recovery on my HaiPad M701, and got a list of many images to choose from on this page :

My Brain Hurts: ROM Manager and Clockwork Recovery Image

One of the image will probably work on my M701, but I have absolutely no idea which.

I've done a search on this forum (keyword: "clockworkmod") and found no info. Also googled (keyword: clockworkmod m701, etc) still couldn't find anything definitive.

I did saw some (about 4) posts in this forum mentioning that they have Clockworkmod installed, so it is possible to install it on M701. I just don't know which image to choose from.

Reason I asked is because I've been burned once -- I read the instructions here to run Z4root, however the link on that page is to OLD version of Z4root, which messes up my tablet.

Naturally, I'd very much like to avoid similar incident in the future. :)

Thanks in advance.

cheers, HS
Oh yeah, reason I'd like to install Clockworkmod is to enable me to backup my current ROM.

I've already got some stuff backed up in my Gmail account, the files in my tablet backed up in my laptop, etc.
Now I just need to backup the ROM itself, in case I messed up something later. Which, knowing me, is an absolutely plausible scenario :)

use the one fitting your pad from HERE
or follow the links to the 'experimental' section there and get the latest one.
inside the 'recovery.xxx.zip files is a batch file that installs the recovery image via ADB.
use the one fitting your pad from HERE

inside the 'recovery.xxx.zip files is a batch file that installs the recovery image via ADB.

Nice ! Alright, I'm going to give it a try now, and will let you know soon :)

cheers, HS
Right, this will take me some more time because I don't have Windows computer around here. Will try to figure out installing Clockworkmod on Linux.

Thanks :)
Sorry, I missed your post - somehow I didn't get the notification (that's supposed to be emailed to me whenever someone posted to this thread)

And also sorry that I have not been successful in installing clockworkmod to my tablet via Linux.
Perhaps someone else here can help you with this.