Which Tablet to get based in uk so may options?


Apr 3, 2011
Hi All,

Im looking for a Android tablet mainly for surfing the web, Watching youtube and playing games so must have no lag and be fairly fast.

Im also wanting it to link up to my tv via hdmi to watch movies so good quality is a must.

Im wanting a clear bright screen on the tablet my partner as a Ipad and I love the quality of that but I want android not apple.

Ones im looking at are the following:

Advent Vega - Currently on offer in the uk at moment

Viewsonic G-Tablet

Asus Transformer

Im in no rush to buy one so if there are some beauties coming out shortly I can wait.

3g sim card built is a nice addition but I dont need one if that helps

Many Thanks in advance,

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Out of the 3 I would recommend the Asus Transformer.... great Honeycomb tablet from £380 and available in select stores from 6.4.11. The Vega is great value at £199 but the Transformer is clearly superior in pretty much every way (better screen, construction, Honeycomb etc!)