Which Tablet Would You Suggest I Buy? Huawei S7 Slim or MID A10?


Oct 27, 2012
Hi im from Colombo, Sri Lanka and i wanted to buy a 7 inch Android Tablet. According to my budget i have two options.

1. Huawei S7 Slim

2. Mid A10

since im new to the android tablets im Confused about the features of above devices. my requirements are

1. Wanted to use USB keyboard and/or Flash Drive with the Tablet. ( One of my friend Using Flash Drive With huawei S7 Slim, i hope he is updated or modified his ROM.)
2. Wanted to Play games. like Asphalt / NFS
3. Full functional GPS and maps/ navigation
4. HD Video playback and HDMI port
5. Average Picture Quality / and front camera for Skype video call
6. Expandable memory
7. basic web browsing with flash support
8. good quality Sound.
9. Wifi and 3G
10. voice Calls Over GSM
11. Bluetooth connectivity

Since MID A10 is unknown brand here and i just afraid of the usage and functional of the device. but promoted by a famous mobile career.

please recommend me to buy a best device for my budget.

thanking you
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Welcome to AT forum.

IMO i wouldn't buy a tablet (Unknown brand) most of them might be a problem for you, it all depends on how much your budget allows you i am sure you can find a good tablet on this forum some members put out reviews like (didobuy)

Best to look here from time to time
Android Tablet Reviews
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