White PD 7" HELP! (please)


Dec 25, 2010
I have the PD White 7". I want to put the "OPEN ANDROID PLATFORM" on it I am reading about on the Pandig site and elsewhere but am hopelessly lost..
I am Ok with computers and can read directions quite well but this is proving to be very frustrating for me.
I do not understand a lot of the terminology (I am learning) & am terrified of making a serious mistake and ruining my PD :(

This is what I want and can someone please help me or guide me to the right spot to achieve my goals (I will be your best friend forever :)

I want to put the "OPEN ANDROID PLATFORM" on my White 7" PD (got it a few weeks ago from Radio Shack) & I want it with "MARKET" for the apps.

1- Where do I find the download to get this (Android w/market) or do I need to download 2 seperate things on my PD to make this happen? (where do I find the programs?) Is the "OPEN ANDROID PLATFORM" available on the PD site good for what I want?

2- Do I need to take my PD apart? I read I have to take out some internal part to make the flash successful. B-Do I need to erase all items saved to the internal SD card b4 I flash ?

3- Will the B&N ereader program still work when it is flashed (will I lose all I bought via the B&N store for my ereader?) Can I re-install the B&N program/library afterwards or do I need to find a new program similar to it?

4- Is there a place that lists all the apps that work for the newly flashed PD? ereading programs, games, etc.etc.

5- Will the PD be able to play games (Farmville on FB), see YOUTUBE videos, etc. after the flash (cuz now it says it cant do it cuz it doesn't support ADOBE flash?)

I know these questions seem silly to experienced ppl & I am grateful for your help & patience. Truly. If you send me to a place I can read about the stuff I asked I would be grateful or if you answer that would be awesome too. I wish one of you lived by me in Bridgeport I swear I'd pay you to do this for me..lol..

Thanks again for any help you can provide :)


Nov 25, 2010
Read the instructions on Pandigital site and do not read in anything. Basically you pull the back panel, remove the internal sd card, download the open platform file and put it on your external card, put the card in the external slot and press power and volume up button I think it is and it will flash. Then replace the internal sd card and put back panel on.

Now, that gets you a nice version of android that will run the youtube program. It will NOT have app market. However many of the applications are downloadable as .apk files that you put on your external sd card, open file explorer and tap on the file and it will install. Some games work and some do not - you just have to try them.

There are readers available like ireader, kindle, and nook. If you have purchased books they are on the BN server, you just log in and download what you want.

Now, if that is not satisfactory to your desire go to slatedroid.com and snoop the wiki. They have several mods that will allow you to have app market. I believe there is one that allows you to have the open platform with the regular Barnes and Noble reader system. Several options depending on what you want.

I might add that the internal memory card will not show up after the open platform firmware.

Also, take into consideration that the different firmwares have side effects like slower performance, the PD automatically turning on by itself etc. There is a chart at the other site that gives some comparative information to help you make that choice.
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