White pnd trouble please help!!!


Jan 30, 2011
Hello Everyone-

I am in despirte need of help. I'm really hoping oe of the great minds out here can help me.

I have bought a white PND about 2 weeks ago and Have bee tryig to make it an awesome tablet. (don't have enough money for iPAD, times are tough:-() I went to the Panditigal website and downloaded the andriod tablet software. Now the screen looks like it says "Pandigital in the blue backround" I hope this means it is a andriod tablet now? (Can someone please confirm that is what it is suppost to look like)

I first i went out and bought a 8gig San disk SDHC card. I put it i my device and formatted it. The I went to andriodfreeware web site and started downloading Angry birds (Seasons and regular version), PAc man, Youtube apk file and I found this zip file for a group of ereader apps like kindle ad some other things i think.

My problem is I go to location and security under settings and go to instal from SD and nothing happens?:-( I tired to reboot the PND but nothing is happening. I don't know what to do anymore. I put the SD card in my card readr on my computer and I see all the apk files and the zip file for the ereader is on the card but I ca't get them on my PND.

I really think I am missing a step. My fried said I might have to exstract the files but i have no idea. i'm not to smart with devices. I just want to my the best out of my White PND ad make it really cool thing to have. Can someone help a technology disabled person? Thanks so much I really really appreciate it soo much.

P.S I have heard about this thing called ADW launcher ca someone tell me more about it ad how to get it? Thanks!!
You need .apk files to install on the pandigital. Unzip your package and see if that is what you have. If so copy them to the sd card, open file explorer and tap on the one you want to install and follow a few instructions.

The stock pandigital screen had a window at the bottom with two screens of icons, then above two sliders that came across from the left for books etc.

The tablet one has a bar at the top with battery and wireless icons, then icons at the bottom. In the middle at the very bottom is a pattern that if you tap or slide up will open further icons.

Trust that helps.