Why Won't One of the Devs/Users/Moderators/Admins Answer My Question/Post?

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Sep 24, 2010
I saw this over at forum.xda-developers.com as part of a bigger thread, but found it extremely appropriate to copy here. In answer to the question asked in the title of this thread, I have paraphrased the response to be:

Because they:

1. Have day jobs.
2. Your question answers itself (you have a brick)
3. Are busy coding and fixing the next release of <insert ROM Name, app name, hack here>, and will answer if/when they have time.
4. Have seen your question 23 times already in this thread or forum: the search function is your friend.
5. Are not being paid to read forums and go through 100's of posts, many of which ask the same question (although they do this out of the kindness of their hearts thankfully!!!).
6. We really don't know the answer to your question
1. Do not know the answer. We do not have every tablet on the market
2. Are not sure what the question you are asking. Some pleas for assistance are very vague.
3. Too busy trying to learn how to make our own tablet(s) work, so do not have the time to help you. Sorry

We all want to assist, but this is a labor of love. No one is really getting rich out of this. Some of us are poorer buying a tablet or accessory that we later regret. Yes We buy these ourselves. There is no secret special discount being a Mod/Admin/SuperMod.
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