Wi-Fi button stopped switching on after just 1 month.

mine being Momo11 speed_VO3 20130221

That's not your individual model number, that's the Build Number which is just a notifier of which firmware you're running.
Your serial number will be something like MO11SPD16GV0xxxxxxxxxx.
The s/n is printed on the rear of MOMO11 Speed tablets, but they seemed to have forgotten to print it on the MOMO11 II - jeez!

Give this firmware a try
I couldn't find it anywhere so have rehosted it for you.
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Well the firmware has been up for over six days so I hope that you've had chance to grab it.
I'm losing the ability to use space and bandwidth on that domain soon, so it might get taken down without warning.
Lost patience with it, decided I'd bought a pile of pap and have sent it to the great recycler at my council tip.