Wireless Access ????


Dec 27, 2010
I can't believe I am the only person that has had a problem with "unable to scan for wireless networks"!

Come on group, surely someone can help me.
lots of people have had this problem. Is your wireless turned on? There are two parts, turning it on, and then scanning. Sorry, but we need to start with basics.
can anything else see the WiFi network you are trying to connect to?
Is your device rooted? You could try a logcat to trap any errors to see if the problem can be diagnosed there. Also, try going in and "forgetting" any other networks that are already identified on your tablet.

finally, another one of our very senior members, Tipster, has a ton of info on his site: tipstir.the-talk.net - Tablet Zone. You may want to try a search there to see if he has anything. I am pretty sure I remember seeing a thread on this exact topic a couple of months back over there.
how do I tell if its rooted? whatsa logcat and how do I find it, no other networks are identified.
it is going to be a little hard to do any of this if you cannot get on a network, to be rooted, find the app z4root.apk or universalandroot.apk and sideload to your device. Run it and then you are rooted.

Logcat is the process of taking the Android System log outputs and sending them to a file for review. you will either need to have a terminal emulator installed, or be able to connect your device to your pc and use ADB. Are you able to do either of these?
i am a complete novice you'll have to walk me through it. I can attach to my pc

can we do this over the phone?
unfortunately i am at my real job so can't do phone support. please try this thread: Android Tablet Hacking to find out how to root your device.

There is also a complete step-by-step walkthrough at Tipstir's site, including downloads for everything you need. tipstir.the-talk.net
Taken from a previous post:

Ok I have the same problem. Wifi used to work fine. It started after I had my tablet hang at the Green WowPad screen. I was able to do a factory restore by pressing Power + Home + Back.

Now I cannot see any wireless networks when scanning:
View attachment 711

Nor can I add my network Manually:
View attachment 710

YES - The wireless switch is in the right place, otherwise I wouldn't be able to tick the box to start scanning.
I've got exactly the same problem. The tablet arrived with 1170, and then had loads of speed and hanging problems. Factory reset the tablet and it dropped back to 1001. Wifi scanning brought exactly the same pictures as guy.joseph above. Then 1568 update came along, and the tablet downloaded it, but it when it tries to re-boot it can't get past the InfoMic screen. It also won't update from SD card and Burntools 7.5 doesn't work either.

There must be a genius on here who can either,

1. Help us to get wifi back
2. Help us to update.

This must be happening to loads of tablet users.

The seller is a waste of space, and just keeps saying "do a factory reset".

Please help someone.

it depends on the type of network you are connecting to... Android can't see any adhoc networks... they literally will not show up (that means if you[ve say created a hotspot with a jailbroken iphone, you wont be able to see the network. Andoid only sees infrastructure networks so anything in that format will show up fine.
Sapperman sums it up very well. People know that the wireless switch needs to be on, and that android cannot connect to ad hoc networks. The problem is that android cannot connect to ANY network, my (android) phone can pick up 8 or 9 where I'm sat, but my tablet gives the error shown in my pictures above.

The problem is that you cannot get into the bootloader to update the software.

Equally, I didn't know 1568 was around - that must be pretty recent. Do you have a copy, if so where did you get it?

Im going to try this method now... http://www.androidtablets.net/forum/gome-flytouch-ii/5152-recovering-brick-2.html#post34576