wmt2.0_105 Sorry! Process system is not responding


Oct 25, 2010
Hi! I can not update the firmware with hardware of these parameters:
numer modelu generic
memory size 256
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Even the same update, however, takes place at the end of a message appears:
" Sorry! Process system is not responding"
Other versions also have the same problem v3k, v2
Flytouch 256M 1.9.1_fast_(350MHz)_furious: rooted,market,new kernel
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xFlytouch 1.9_88 v0.4 [RUDROID] ROOT, MARKET, 400Mhz KERNEL
Yes that's right, there are several warnings on several android tablet forums considering the WMT2.0, this is a clone of a Flytouch (it doesn't vibrate when it's turned on) and it's known to have problems updating.
You need to ROM it back to the ODM ROM WMT2.xxx . Look under extreme warning post in this thread.
Hi there i have a question, i have pretty much the same epad google android. My epad does vibrate when i turn it on/off also the green light when is on and red when is charging. But the touch respond, rotation flip, and speed memory of it its too slow. The app market which is from google because i had to log in, it works. Now what do i need to do to make it a bit quicker??? BTW this epad was rooted from e previous owner that i bought it off from(ebay). Thanks in advanced.