[UPDATED] ROM "xFlytouch 1.9_88 v0.4 For EX900 128MB" Rooted, Market, 400 Mhz


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Aug 4, 2010
[UPDATED] ROM "xFlytouch 1.9_88 v0.4 For EX900 128MB" Rooted, Market, 400 Mhz
ROM "xFlytouch 1.9_88 v0.4a For EX900 SERIES 128MB"

(May be work with MID M70001,MID M70003), Thai font included in ROM already.

Special Thank to "tipstir" for above boot image.

I made this based on xFlytouch 1.9_88 v0.4 [RUDROID] ROOT, MARKET, 400Mhz KERNEL by DR.HidePerso

This ROM [Update November 17, 2010] I have just modified only file "setupcmd" and used all driver files from "xFlytouch 1.9_88 v0.4 [RUDROID] by Dr.HidePerso"

setupcmd modified: (This just for details that change from original RUDROID ROM, you not need to do anything)

- setenv audioic wm9715
- setenv pcmvolum puzhi
- setenv musicplayer_black_cd no

Updated by jakkrith Nov 17, 2010

features Extreme Performance Edition

Fixed speaker no sound
Fixed touch screen really sensitive
Fixed boot-up to run faster

Created New boot-up screen logo (shown above) by tipstir

Disabled Bluetooth UI
Disabled Hibernation UI

3G UI Enable [Work]

Market Works!

128 MB Version!

Download Here


You have just unzip this file and copy all files and sub folder from folder script into SD Card and then flash ROM

*** After finish flash ROM use mouse to control your pad and settings Touchpanel calibration for the first time. ***

Note: If you found YouTube WebFLV error please try to install this: WEB FLV 1.5.apk

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10693080/WEB FLV 1.5.apk


Dec 19, 2010
Hello, this may seem like a really silly question but I have copied all of the script contents to the SD card as above what do I do next? It says flash sim but could someone please explain the exact steps?

Many thanks,