Xgody - Screen Turns Off Question/Tablet Full Message


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Apr 11, 2015
i have the xgody tablet 10.1 model v11 5.1.1 android version. i just got it from ebay and this may be why i just got it from ebay but here goes.

i have 3 apps on it and already it says can't update doesn't have space, but in the storage it sure looks like it does. i have a 32gb sd card
ram size 1.00gb
flash size 16.00gb
internal storage the bar is gray half way and just a bit blue and the rest light gray that tells me i have a lot of free space yet.
total space 0-9gb
available 130 mb but that color is 1/3 of the line
apps 653mb the dark gray about 2/3 of the line
cashed data 20.71mb the blue color
internal storage takes about 1/2" of the line that goes the complete way across the 10" screen
total space 11.42gb
available 11.27gb
app 153mb
pictures videos 608kb
cashed 512kb
misc. 2.22mb
sd card total 31.24gb
available 31.24gb i have inthe setting moved 3 apps that i have on it to the sd card but the card looks like nothing is there?

also the only app i'm using is tinycam pro for my camera. the reason o got the tablet. well the battery is full and i leave it plugged in and for some reason every now and then the screen goes dark. tapping it fail to turn it on. i have to either remove the power cord and install it or tap the power button to turn on the screen and then swipe it to get back to the app screen.

the case is warm where the circuit board it but the batter is cool. i took the back off to feel the temps. the battery show 100% full but still charging.
i was under the impression that 5.1.1 would turn off the charger when the battery was full if it was still plugged in. my phone does using 5.1.1

anyway anyone here have suggestions for me to resolve the storage and screen issues? thanks much for any help. bp.