Yes, Another What Tablet For Me Thread


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Dec 8, 2017
So let me start off saying i have used the search button And i have looked at the reviews. I have a few ideas on whats close to what im looking for but im looking for more options. I also got a few questions too. I thank you all in advance in helping me out.

So the basics
1) what you will be using the tablet for. list any features you need, such as g-sensor, gps, bluetooth, Adobe Flash, or any specific apps Travel, I will be spending hours flying, sometimes even international. So battery life is key. Should be android due to the issue i have bought a few dozen movies from google play. I have nothing in apple, i have no interest in windows. Wifi is a must to add new movies between city's. I have a android smart phone so GPS, navigation, camera, ETC isnt needed.
2) how much you are willing to spend I don't want to spend much more than 200 maybe more but it has to hit a lot of my check list or my price range for my requirements isn't realistic.
3) if you have an idea, what the size of the tablet should be Not much larger than a book 7-9 inches. Anything bigger will be hard to store between flights
4) how much you know about Android, or just whether or not you are computer literate My phones are Android. If that counts.
5) Please list your location somewhere. (You should really include it in your profile, by the way) Central Florida

While traveling (flying, driving, Hotels. Etc) Space is limited. So are outlets. My phone is android and can be charged with mini USB. So if i can use one charger for both that would be ideal. Phone should be 2000amh i believe.
As stated before battery life is my number one. If i cannot use a charger the tablet should be able to be used constantly for 6 to 8 hours straight before needing to be charged. I have no idea what to be expected for tablets. i know nothing about them. So this may be unrealistic, If so the closest to it is a must.
If battery life is number one, number two is ease of use and lack of bloat wear. I have no time or interest in a million apps i have no use for like what came on my Samsung phone. So a tablet that has nothing but what i add to it and is easy to navigate is divine.
Number three would be memory. It should be enough to at least 4 to 6 full HD movies, My Spotify offline library, and a few (3 or 4) games, and not run like a popcorn machine. Google play movies cannot be (as least i don't know how) to be moved to external memory so the base memory needs to be pretty beefy. No need for memory for photos and such, my phone does a good job at that. I dont use the "cloud" other than to back up data. Even if i did i do not have a reliable source of WIFI so i would need everything i want on the tablet, or there is a limited chance of even having my movies etc.
Number four should be the ability to charge my phone or use the tablets charger to charge my phone. Mini USB. Once again my phone is a Samsung (im not a fan of it but its mine for another year at least).

I think i have rambled on enough. I hope somebody can help me or at least point me in the right direction.
Once again thank you for helping me out.


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Jun 16, 2012
The biggest thing that is going to keep your price down is the screen size. 7" to 8" tablets are the most common. The next most common is 10.1" followed by 9.7". 9" tablets do exist, but are so rarely seen as to not even be worth discussing. However your screen on time of six to eight hours between charges isn't realistic. Most smartphones today struggle to hit four hours SoT due to the battery, which averages about 3500mAh. A tablet's battery will be larger, but given the size limitation of the screen it won't be significantly larger. It however should be enough to easily achieve four hours before recharging. The good news for you is that on the plane itself, there should be recharging ports at every seat. Even better news is that you can use your smartphone's cable and charger to charge the tablet, and vice versa. Just be certain to take the charger with the larger amperage rating. For example, my smartphone has a 2 amp charger while my tablet's charger is only 1 amp. I'd want the 2 amp charger.

Best tablet for you: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0. 8" tablet, 4200mAh battery, available with onboard storage of 16 or 32GB. Available for between $100 - 180 (depending on storage size), it supports MicroSD cards of up to 128GB in size. Now, you mentioned your movies on Google Play. If you convert the MicroSD card to adaptable storage it actually becomes part of the total internal storage. By doing this, Google Play would store all your movies without worrying whether it's on internal or external storage. The drawback to this is that removing the MicroSD card from the tablet will render your regular internal storage unusable until formatted. In other words, you can't simply take the MicroSD out of the tablet and pop it into your smartphone to "sneakernet" a file or two.

Unfortunately, bloatware is a fact of life. However, most of the bloatware on your smartphone wasn't put there by Samsung. Your cellular carrier provided the bulk of it, and worse, they set it up so you can't disable or remove most of it. That's aggravating, which is why I don't purchase devices from cellular carriers. The tablets won't have any of the carrier-added bloatware, if you purchase them from a retailer like Best Buy. There will still be Samsung's own bloatware, but it will be far less than on my Galaxy S4 from 2014.