Zeki TBQG774B


Feb 24, 2015
SuperSU was installed and it tried to update the binary but it failed. (Tried several times.) So I just ran it as was. The problem is that the tab keeps coming unrooted after I install or run certain program. (Hard to figure which one is doing it. Kingo and the two root checkers say I have root, and I can run super user, but flashify is still saying that I don't have root access... (This is the SuperSu program by chainfire.) SuperSU has the box ticked for enable superuser and I went ahead and installed superuser to /system (then it showed it was unrooted again...)
I'm rooting it again (was freezing while doing it earlier...) and we'll see what happens.

ps- I really wish someone would create a truly open source tablet OS. (Hear this, Ubuntu devs?)