ZiiO 10 LCD


Oct 20, 2011
Hello! I have a question conserning touch-screen in ZiiO 10. I know it is made by HannStar (an offspring from HannSpree?), model HSD101PFW3. My screen has been broken, but I have ZT-180, so I thought I would replace ZiiO's screen with ZT-180. It did work - I could see ZiiO's un-lock screen. The problem is, I could do nothing (no touch screen). So here is my question (actually, two of them): Is it possible to get data back from ZiiO (it shows 2 disks when connected via USB, but both inactive) And do you know a LCD model that fits and works in ZiiO? I cant send him to guarantee/service, because Creative closed it down for us (or we never had).
I'm trying to imagine just what data you want off of your ziio?
You will need to find a way to "turn on USB mode" once you connect the cable to the tablet from your PC. Since your touch screen doesn't work I don't know how you could do that, but you should be able to connect with adb.
Read the rooting process described in this forum and that will get your adb working (assuming you'd already selected USB Debugging in your settings). Then you can get to all the direectories on tablet.
If not, you may have to settle for parting the thing out.