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Discussion in 'Acer Iconia Tab A500 Forum' started by LabShark, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Acer Iconia Tab
    1. How can I tell if a USB flash drive is being recognized
    2. I have a micro SD card installed. How would I download items to it....like movies, etc.
    3. How can I access SD card?

    Thanks for the help! Still learnin'............
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    depends a bit on the version of the OS you have installed, for yours I believe the following holds true:

    1. You should be able to see it if you open File Explorer under mnt/external_sd or mnt/usb_storage
    2. Again, depends on different things, but you can specify where downloads should go in most browser apps
    3. Same as above, via File Manager

    I would recommend getting a good file explorer app, there are several available in the market. I like Root Explorer or FileManager HD.
  3. Icebike

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    Apr 28, 2011
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    Install a file manager, such as ES File Explorer (very fast) or File manager HD (slow) from the market. (there are many that work).

    You will find that external_SD storage and USB_Storage are actually sub-directories which are located in /mnt/ directory. (Linux file system).

    In Es File Explorer, just hit the little MicroSD symbol and you are at the root of the drive, then tap the mnt directory, and you
    will see the External_SD and USB_Storage directories, and you can copy things to and fro as you wish.

    In File Manager HD it fakes up a directory entry for this (I hate fake stuff that confuses people about where things are really stored. Microsoft mentality!).
    In order to find the same directory in File Manager HD you hit the home button, then the Up button which places you in the /mnt directory without really telling you that is where you are (except for a tiny little /mnt indicator in the bottom right corner).

    With either of these file managers you can surf your External_SD card (which is the name they apply to the MicroSD card that you added) or the USB_Storage (thumb drive). Pay no attention to that usbdrive folder. I have no Idea what that is about, but its not the thumbdrive.

    However, as soon as you plug in a USB drive, the system will start scanning it, (if thumb drive has a light it will blink). Images will show up in the Gallery, music will show up in the music player. The system finds things on the drive and shows them to the appropriate app. It can take a while to scan big thumb drives, and after you unplug it, it will take the Gallery a little while to realize its gone, so best to stay out of gallery for a few minutes after you unplug a thumb drive with lots of pictures on it.

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