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    I am new to tablets but am on my 3rd android phone (wildfire, aria, atrix). I have friends that are into android stuff like rooting and swapping roms and the like but i have never had enough guts to try it. I go to school 200 miles away from my wife and my cell phone is my main mode of communication so I was afraid to start messing with them. I am getting an inexpensive tablet for christmas (coby 7127) to start messing around with before I move on. But in lurking around here for awhile I couldn't wait so just one a coby 7022 off ebay that is not working but I believe after the reading I have done her it can be revived. It will power on but freeezes at the welcome screen with the android guy. I got it for pretty cheap and thought I will use this to try my hand at messing with the android system. Thanks in advance for the help I am sure to need it

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    Welcome to the forum Adam and congratulations on your new tablet. For information and help with that tablet, you'll want to click this link and head over to the Coby Generation 2 section of the forum.

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