Apple Made an Oops?

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    Webwereld Netherlands is reporting that after reviewing the filing docs from Apple that were used by the Judge to issue the injunction it has found a major error in Apple's case. It turns out that the pictures included in the filing showing how close the iPad and the Galaxy are in design, which is the basis of Apple's case, were altered.

    Whether this was known by Apple's legal team or not is not known, but what is now confirmed is that the photos included distorted the aspect ratios of the Galaxy and overall size making the tablet look like an iPad, (the Galaxy is actually closer in size to the iPad 2). Since the injunction was issued based on the content of the application and without a hearing this may be a huge mistake on the part of Apple.

    Since the case seems to be based on design rights infringement, this could be a big blow to Apple's claims, and could have major repercussions on the outcome.

    Source - WebWorld Netherlands


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