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    Well this is technically only my second android device, my first being an HTC Droid Incredible 2. The reason I got this tablet was becasue it was dirt cheap and looked like something I could dick around with without fear of it being bricked and useless.

    So best part- I seem to have lucked out and managed to get one that the stock img from the craig website actually works on. [so that makes it easy to start from scratch when I screw up.]

    So onto the topic at hand, from what I have seen, the setup on this tablet is incredibly unstable. Since I dont know too much about android tablets and the like, I can only deduce what the problems might be based on what I am doing when It crashes. The major crashes happen while changing pages on the launcher, using the browser, and setting up wifi, [or using network heavy apps]

    From looking at the tablet It doesnt come stock with gapps, but from what I can see it seems to have like pieces of an old version of gapps wedged into it... for me gapps entirely needed becasue I can side load most apps from my htcdi2. But would this halfarsed broken gapps that comes preinstalled be causing stability issues? another idea- is since the launcher itself seems to crash a lot, is there a more stable launcher that I can replace launcher2.apk with?

    As far as totally custom roms are concerned I see people have been working on and seem to have abandoned working on this tablet, so rather than working on making a new rom altogether, I would love to at least get the stock rom on this thing to start running a little bit more stable.

    I use it mainly for an ebook/manga reader, and an email client. And it does fine for this when it feels like behaving. [seemingly on its own whim though.]

    Any advice or help would be much appreciated. [note: this is the cmp741e that does not have the gt811 screen.]

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