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    First of all thank you in advance.

    I have a Pandigital ereader that my wife bought from big lots. I have gone over the literature on how to upgrade it, but have had zero luck. I am wondering if its because of the model that i have. Its model #PRD06E20WWH8. The buttons to increase volume the return button etc are on the bottom of the screen. It has the horrible black and white screen. Model Name: PD_NOVEL Firmware version: S10_10_20_PD_AU06Q_ENG_S3C2416

    I Have tried to install the S20 firmware update by both transferring it to the SD card which I get the error There is no SW in your SD card. I have tried resetting it with the tiny button in the back. I have also tried copy the SH20 file directly from my PC to the Pandigital. I did the hard boot on it by holding the volume button and power button at the same time. Still no luck.
    I guess my question is, is this particular Pandigital able to be upgraded?

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