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    Hey guys...just wanted to give an update for anyone in my boat. Wal-Marts and Sam's Club seem to be the biggest offender in selling demo tablets which they shouldn't have. I just spoke to someone at Vizio and they are offering to send a postage paid label to send these tablets back to them so they can have them updated correctly. Right now you can reset the factory settings but you are still limited in features and do not have the ability to update the software. Vizio also mentioned that stores received a firmware disk (possibly micro sd card) that could be used to remove the demo software comepletely and upgrade but I have yet to find a location that held on to this or even knew what I was talking about. Ultimately I will be sending my tablet to Vizio but in the meantime, has anyone else had any success in finding a store that had this disc or a firmware image they can share. Thanks!

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