E1550 dongle on tablet

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    OK so a customer at my work asked me to get his dongle to work on his tablet.

    It was a e1550 model and is supported.

    He had an 1.6 android tablet and I DID get it to work.

    Thing is I cannot remember what setting I put in for his three dongle.

    I know the dial number but all over the web different settings :confused:

    But I got it to work, turned off tablet and waited customer to return.
    Powered on tablet, and not connection :( customer and myself spent hour trying to get it to work again.

    Works fine in the windows XP machine in my shop!

    What did I do wrong or miss?
    the e1550 donlg eis not in the device list but it worked for me and i loaded google ok, until i turned it off!
    Can any one help please?

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