Good Stock ROMs for 7" epad blue LED 8650 M009S

Discussion in 'WonderMedia WM8650 Tablets' started by responderman, Aug 6, 2011.

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    Hi All
    I have been trying out a few ROM's for the 7" blue led black earphone socket or the M009s and THIS ONE seems to be the best. It has working android market, and runs really smooth. Its doesn't have any of the Chinese Apps on it, and I have yet to find anything else that doesn't work. I would recommend that you only try this if you have a copy of your current ROM so you can go back to it if it doesn't suit you. I also spotted THIS SITE from someones post that also has stock roms on it to try, but I haven't tried any of these though so if you do then drop us all a post to give your opinion on it. Use the ID your Epad post I found first to see if your machine is the right one first though, and be sure you know what to do. Instructions on how to flash are given on the "THIS SITE" i have linked above.
    Have Fun
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