Google Buys Neural Network Startup; Maybe Google's Version of Skynet Will be Friendly

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    We think we may have found what Andy Rubin might be working on next...

    It looks like Google is working hard to envision a future reality in which Skynet is real and becomes self-aware. Of course, hopefully having learned from the Terminator movies, they will work towards making it a much friendlier Android overlord. Late yesterday a press release was issued which shared that Google purchased a small neural network startup company, with likely plans to make their speech and image recognition that much better.

    Of course, Science Fiction has shown us how these things go. Eventually it will evolve and take over the world, but perhaps the folks at Google will be able to instill their sense of openness and peace into it, so it will likely do so by fixing all of our problems for us instead of obliterating us.

    All kidding aside, it's actually pretty exciting to get an indirect glimpse at one of Google's likely X Projects. Developing a true neural network could be the next step in disruptive computer technology of future devices. They even have the visionary genius, Ray Kurzweil working with them now. It's thrilling to imagine all the possibilities of what they will be able to create in the future. Here's that press statement,


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