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    Good day all! Another Android noob here! I got myself a Kyros 7015 (model 7015A) about a week ago, rooted and installed Watery Kyros 1.2b along with the Graphics fix patch and boy am I loving it! Watery Kyros makes a big difference and improves this tablet's capabilities. Only gripe is random crashing while booting the tablet. Doesn't happen too often so It's not bad. I bought this thing to run emulators mainly which leads me to my question.

    I know the touchscreen on the Kyros is singletouch which means I'm limited to playing mostly classic RPG's that don't involve pressing two buttons at once, my only workaround with RPG games that have a dash button and in-game button remapping (E.g.: Chrono Trigger for Super Nintendo), I can map the dash button to whatever button the emulator itself has my Kyros' back button mapped to. (Back button on Kyros=SNES "Y" button in snesoid. So in games, I map the "dash/run" action to Y button in order to dash while still able to move with the on screen D-PAD.) Still following? I didn't lose you yet? Cool.

    Anyway, it hit me and I remembered I saw on youtube a video of an iPad running an emulator of some sort and the person who recorded the vid used an iPod Touch/iPhone as a gamepad device! So all my homies... Can the same be done with my Kyros and perhaps a cellphone with Android on it? I have an LG Optimus V that has Android 2.2 and I've rooted it as well.

    In short, I want to use my Android phone as a remote (specifically a gamepad) for my Kyros tablet. Is there any way to do that through Ad-Hoc wifi? Kyros doesn't have Bluetooth built-in although the fellows at XDA are working on making BT possible on the Kyros via: the USB host plug with a BT dongle plugged in.

    Thanks in advance homies and have a good one!:cool:

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